Summer Volunteer Application

If you’re friendly, patient, and enthusiastic about working with children, sign up to become a Summer Volunteer at the Glenview Public Library! Summer Volunteers will be assisting with our Summer Reading Challenge by signing kids up and logging the books they read towards the challenge.

Glenview Teen Summer Volunteers MUST be a Glenview Village resident or attend a school served by the Glenview Public Library in order to join the volunteer program. Anyone entering 6-12th grade is welcome to apply. In-person Summer Volunteer opportunities will run from June 1-August 15. Summer Volunteers will be able to sign up for up to 2 hours of volunteer work at a time in the library and opportunities will be available on a self-registration basis if your application is accepted.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email about your application status within 5 business days. An additional email will be sent with a list of training sessions in May to choose from. You will need to attend one training session before you can begin registering for volunteer shifts.

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All volunteers must receive Summer Reading Challenge help training but there are other opportunities available throughout the summer. Please select any other types of tasks you may be interested in (select all that apply).
Please make sure to list any special skills that are beneficial when working with children or providing service to the public, such as speaking a second language.
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Volunteer & Guardian Agreement
I understand that I will primarily be working with children and their caregivers during the Summer Volunteer Program, but I may be asked to assist with other projects as well. I agree to perform all of my assigned tasks in a friendly and respectful manner. If I cannot come in for my scheduled shift, it is my responsibility to remove myself from the online schedule at least 48 hours in advance or contact the Youth Services department if it is less than 24 hours' notice. (Failure to remove yourself from the schedule at least 48 hours in advance or to contact the library will affect your ability to sign yourself up for shifts. Two instances of missed shifts with no prior notice to the library will require you to reach out to the Youth Volunteer Coordinator in order to sign up for future opportunities.)
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