Success Starts with Reading

Educators from School District 34 and other Glenview schools agree that keeping kids reading over the summer better prepares them for school in the fall. Recent studies have shown that kids who read for pleasure do better academically, developing enhanced language skills, better focus, and the ability to process complex ideas. Most importantly, reading for pleasure brings joy and opens up a world of possibilities for your child.

Reading has a lot of competition these days, and if you’re struggling to keep your child reading over the summer, remember this: reading is everywhere. Choose a family book to read-aloud together, bake a new recipe, play a new game, visit a museum, listen to an audiobook on your next trip. All these family activities can nurture curiosity and inspire exploration, and just a short time away from screens every day can make a big difference.

Tips to encourage your child to read:

  • Let your child read what interests them. Our librarians can hook your child on reading by matching them with the right book. Fill out the Book Match form here, opens a new window.
  • Help them find a way to read that works for them. For example, pair a book with an audiobook or suggest a book made into a movie and after they read the book, watch the movie together.
  • Play a new game together and have your child read the instructions. Or, have your child read a new recipe while you cook together.
  • Build a reading habit. Encourage your child to read every day, even for just 20 minutes. Sign your child up for the Summer @ GPL Reading Challenge, opens a new window for a chance to win prizes!

Partner with one of our amazing librarians this summer to get personalized reading recommendations for your child. We believe in empowering children to read formats and topics that interest them most, and we want them to find excitement in their reading journey. Let us help your child discover the pathway to reading this summer, a journey that will last a lifetime.