Spring Means Happy Gardeners

Spring is my favorite season, and I am not alone in this. No more heavy coats, boots to drag around, frozen fingers, or slipping on ice. Sun and warm breezes make for easy living. New life is emerging everywhere. Gardeners are eager to dig in the dirt, imagining the tasty, sweet corn or beautiful daffodils they’ll soon grow.

Below is a short list of books on gardening, but don’t worry - Glenview Public Library has well over 500 more to find!

Spring Means Happy Gardening

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Whether you are planting food or flowers in an area large or small, you'll find helpful ideas and inspiration in these books.

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Gardening Programs

We also have upcoming programs for gardening enthusiasts to attend.

Plant Swap: Sunday, June 2, 2-3 PM, opens a new window

Summer Floral Arrangements: Tuesday, June 11, 7-8 PM, opens a new window