Current Grants

This spring the Glenview Public Library Foundation approved two new grants.

High School CATCH Kits ($3,863)

The Glenview Public Library will partner with the non-profit organization CATCH (Community Action Together for Children’s Health) to enhance and promote the organization’s mental health coping kit. These kits provide information, tools, and resources designed to help someone in crisis, or those looking for more information on a common mental health topic. The grant will enable CATCH to incorporate relevant Library resources into the kits, and ensure the kits are can be provided to all incoming Glenbrook South High School freshman.

Summer @ GPL ($1,550)

Summer @ GPL, one of the Glenview Library’s most popular and beloved programs, aims to keep kids reading over summer break. This grant enables the Library to bump up the fun and engagement around Summer @ GPL even more. The additional funding from the Foundation allows the Library to organize a free outdoor concert in Jackman Park. Scheduled for June 3, and appropriate for all ages, the concert will be a kickoff event for Summer @ GPL. Any kids signing up that day will receive a coupon for a free ice cream from the Dairy Bar.