Art for Mental Health

Putting pencil, pen, or brush to paper (real or digital) feels good and is good for you. Art therapy has been used since WWII to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, and it’s used in schools to help students with ADHD and low self-esteem. Research shows, opens a new window making art can reduce stress, lower anxiety, and improve mood.

What stops adults from getting started? We’ve been conditioned to think we must draw or paint well when in fact any effort will provide benefits. Also, maybe you think it will take up a lot of time. Ten minutes a day is all you need, or the time it takes to doodle something while you’re on hold, in a Zoom meeting, or waiting to pick up your kids. You can draw on paper, your phone, or iPad. You can draw your pet, your lunch, or your shoes. It doesn’t matter. Try it and see!

Here at GPL, we have a big collection of drawing and painting books, opens a new window for adults on the second floor. There are even more in the Kids’ section, too.

Art Before Breakfast

The Beginner's Guide to Procreate

Drawing Is for Everyone

Sketch your World

To complement our book collection we also have Creativebug, opens a new window, an online source for thousands of art and craft tutorials taught by recognized design experts and artists.


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