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Lyric Opera Lecture Series

lyric opera

Welcome to the 2014/2015 Season

Lyric Opera Corps Docents Moderate Each Discussion

7-8:30 PM • Multipurpose Room

Registration Required

We will see you in September for the 2015/2016 Season.

Don Giovanni
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wednesday, September 17

Don Giovanni is arrogant and dangerous. He travels the world, snaring princesses and peasant girls alike. His next victim is the virtuous Donna Anna. When her father tries to save her, Don Giovanni kills him. Now his victims want revenge.

• Commentary: AUDIO CD 782.1 MOZd
• Libretto: 782.12 MOZ
• Recording: CD OPERA MOZd
• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: DVD 782.10267 MOZARTd

Capriccio by Richard Strauss

Thursday, October 2

The Countess has to choose between the amorous poet or the ardent musician. She and her guests try to decide whether it’s the words or the music that triumph in creating great art. The theater director wants to give the audience a good show and the Count wants an affair with the actress.

• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: DVD 782.10267 STRAUSSc

Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi

Thursday, October 16

The troubadour Manrico and Count di Luna are bitter enemies who are both in love with Leonora; however, they do not know that they are brothers. The story includes babies switched at birth, kidnapping, mistaken identity, poisoning, civil strife, witches burned at the stake, and a noblewoman who offers herself to a man she hates, to save the man she loves.

• Commentary: AUDIO CD 782.1 VERt
• Libretto: 782.10268 VERDIt
• Recording: CD OPERA VERt
• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: DVD 782.10267 VERDIt

Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin

Thursday, November 6

Porgy and Bess is the great American opera. There’s Crown, the brutish thug; Sportin’ Life, the smooth-talking drug peddler; Bess, the good-time girl who finally finds love with the good-hearted Porgy; and Porgy himself, the lame beggar who’s the strongest of them all, who will do anything to reclaim the woman he loves.

• Commentary: AUDIO CD 782.1 GERp
• Libretto: 782.10268 GERSHWINp
• Recording: CD OPERA GERp
• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: DVD 782.10267 GERSHWINp

Anna Bolena by Gaetano Donizetti

Thursday, November 20

Henry VIII wants to replace Anne Boleyn, who is the Queen of England, with Jane Seymour. His minions do the dirty work in finding “proof” of Anne’s infidelities. The Queen rages and Jane is haunted by guilt in sending Anne to the scaffold in order to marry the King.

• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: DVD 782.10267 DONIZETTIa

Tosca by Giacomo Puccini

Thursday, January 15

It is a cat-and-mouse game between Tosca, a fiery diva, and Scarpia, the sadistic police chief. Will she submit to his lust to save her lover Cavaradossi from the firing squad?

• Commentary: AUDIO CD 782.1 PUCt
• Libretto: 782.10268 PUCCINIt
• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: DVD 782.10267 PUCCINIt

Tannhauser by Richard Wagner

Thursday, January 29

Tannhauser, minstrel and renegade, is lured into the erotic realm of the love goddess Venus and longs to return to his home. Tannhauser joins his fellow pilgrims, journeying to Rome to ask forgiveness for his sins—a feat easier said than done.

• Libretto: 782.10267 WAGNERt
• Recording: CD OPERA WAGNER, R. TAN
• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: DVD 782.10267 WAGNERt

The Passenger by Mieczyslaw Weinberg

Thursday, February 12

It is the early 1960s and Walter, a West German diplomat, and his wife Liese are on an ocean liner bound for a new posting in Brazil. Unbeknownst to her husband, Liese served as an SS officer in Auschwitz. She is haunted by her past and realizes that a fellow passenger might have been her former prisoner.

• Season Companion: 782.1 LYR
• Visual: BLU-RAY 782.10267 WEINBERGp