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Monday-Friday: 9 AM-PM
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Sunday: 1 PM-5 PM

A New Slant on the Old West

Friday, March 11–Wednesday, May 11

Artist: Karen Barrie

Gallery Talk: Tuesday, May 3, 6:15 PM

Karen Barrie blends her artistic talents and professional training into a multifaceted career as an author, freelance writer, and healthcare consultant. Karen’s western series is inspired by girlhood TV Westerns and grownup cowgirl days on ranch vacations.

“I love the moments: tooled saddle creaking with the horse’s rhythm; glints of pink and gold on a sorrel’s glossy shoulder; a skinny cowboy crossing his arms and leaning on a corral rail. Impressions like these become a blast furnace of unexpected color in my brain that pulls the rug out from under my urban experience. The myth of the Old West puts a new slant on how I view life. My paintings are a city slicker’s embrace of sun and pine and dust. A moment between swinging my leg over the saddle and settling into it. A minute of boot heels clomping on a plank floor. An hour of fiddle music by campfire as the door to yesteryear swings open. My Western Series celebrates this world and those who shared their own West with me.” ~Karen Barrie

The Landscape in Art

Friday, July 15-Wednesday, September 14

Artist: Multiple Artists • Sponsored by Amdur Productions

For over thirty years, Amdur Productions, a nationally acclaimed arts festival production company, has organized and directed many of the Midwest’s most prestigious juried art festivals, including the annual ART AT THE GLEN FESTIVAL. Nothing speaks of the spirit of summer more than a leisurely afternoon stroll through a community art festival.

The Glenview Public Library will be privileged to showcase artists from the ART AT THE GLEN FESTIVAL (August 6-7) during late spring and summer Art in the Library exhibit program. Preview the vibrant art scene, then soak in a contemplative selection of landscape artists in two exhibits specially curated for the Glenview Library.

The Mission of Amdur Productions
Expresses a Deep Belief in Community Art
Art is our passion. It enriches life and feeds the soul. From art festivals to a global e-commerce network, we seek to mentor, educate and inspire the world through art. By giving artists the ability to showcase their original work across multiple platforms, we bring people together to cultivate an atmosphere in which passion drives business and opens minds. It is our mission to encourage artists to pursue their creativity and individuality, support our staff in all that they do, and provide unique experiences for the public. Art makes our world a richer and more beautiful place to live.

The Glenview Public Library shares this vision for community art and welcomes this talented group of artists to the Art in the Library exhibit program.

Art Submission

If you are an artist interested in exhibiting at the Glenview Public Library, please submit a proposal including:

General description of work

Artist statement

Size of work/frames

All artwork must be professionally framed and fit the standards of the exhibit hanging system
References/other shows in which the artist has exhibited

Mail or email photos representative of the artist’s proposed exhibit portfolio, or provide a link to a website with an online portfolio for proposal consideration

Contact information, including phone number, address, and email address

A limited number of exhibits are displayed each year. Many more requests are submitted than can be accommodated. Artists should not expect that proposals to exhibit will be accepted.

Public Gallery Policy (PDF)

Direct your proposal by mail or email to:
Communications Director
Glenview Public Library
1930 Glenview Road
Glenview, IL 60025

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