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Founded in 1930, the Glenview Public Library provides a welcoming environment that encourages lifelong learning with access to the world of information and ideas. The Library’s innovative programs and services strive to educate, enrich, inspire, and entertain to meet the needs of a diverse community, fostered by a dedicated staff committed to excellence in customer service.

General Information about the Glenview Public Library:
Operating Budget ● 2008 to Present

2014 Operating Budget: $7,217,005
2015 Operating Budget: $7,286,498
2013 Operating Budget: $7,151,428
2012 Operating Budget: $7,051,500
2011 Operating Budget: $6,252,025
2010 Operating Budget: $6,067,087
2009 Operating Budget: $6,195,100
2008 Operating Budget: $6,500,450

Full and Part-time Employees

Full-time Employees: 43
Part-time Employees: 84

Library Board of Trustees:

Stella Kalfas, President
Ellen Scholly, Vice President
Wendy Goldstein, Secretary
M. David Johnson
John Miller
Jack Neymark

Library Director:

Vickie L. Novak

Library Committees:
Budget & Finance

Chair: To be Announced
Wendy Goldstein, M. David Johnson, Stella Kalfas, Jack Neymark, Ellen Scholly

Building (Ad Hoc)

Chair: To be Announced
Wendy Goldstein, M. David Johnson, Stella Kalfas

Bylaws & Policies

Chair: Ellen Scholly
Wendy Goldstein, Stella Kalfas


Chair: M. David Johnson
Wendy Goldstein, Ellen Scholly

Long Range Planning

Chair: Wendy Goldstein

Public Information

Chair: To be Announced
Jack Neymark


Chair: Jack Neymark
M. David Johnson, Stella Kalfas

Major Organizational Divisions (PDF)
Freedom of Information Act Officers for the Glenview Public Library:
Vickie L. Novak, Library Director

Jane D. Berry, Assistant Director

Contact Location:

Glenview Public Library
1930 Glenview Road
Glenview, IL 60025