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Vickie L. Novak

A Warm Welcome To Spring

I would like to share a message with you from Stella Kalfas, President, Glenview Public Library Board of Trustees. Her words and passion as a leader express the depth of the library's mission. The transformative power of libraries is the theme of National Library Week 2016. I extend my personal invitation to you for a week of special programs and join with you in welcoming spring. ~Vickie L. Novak

Libraries are about books, education, entertainment and free access to an information expert, your local librarian. But, that is not all! Libraries are a symbol of intellectual freedom, watchdogs of free speech, copyright, privacy, and our right to know. They are free open spaces, and cultural and community hubs. With a welcoming entrance to the Glenview Public Library, we showcase a stunning bi-monthly art exhibit; we offer spaces to meet with a study group; quiet places to read and write and areas to connect with others. Have you been to our genealogy room lately? It has a remarkable and unique collection that helps one find their connection to the past and to their DNA!

This year the Glenview Public Library has been ranked a Star library! The Library Journal, a professional library publication, annually recognizes public libraries that are outstanding among their peers. They recognized 261 public libraries in the entire country and 18 of the 639 in Illinois. As you walk through the library and meet the individuals who are behind the desks, you may appreciate that they are the reason we are a Star library today. Besides being ready to provide help, they keep the shelves stacked and the information current and relevant.

The circulation staff are among the first to welcome you. As the primary public service point of the library, they are checking more than one million items in and out annually, issuing new library cards, processing 'holds' and inter-library loan materials and assisting with access to online accounts. They take books at the drive-up window, answer questions and maintain the book drops.

The reader services personnel develop the collections for adult and teen-age library users. These include CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspapers. They offer reader advisory services, manage book discussion groups, and offer literary and music programs for adults and teens. They coordinate programs and arrange for homebound delivery services to seniors and those who are unable to come to the library and they offer downloadable e-books, e-audiobooks, music, movies and TV shows. The library's Teen Scene, a special area designated for high school students to study and socialize with friends, is a very popular place!

The youth services department, along with story times, provides programs in several languages and online resources such as homework assistance. They host a play area, literacy-based computers for preschoolers, study rooms and internet stations.

As you go up the stairs you will meet our professional reference librarians who answer questions, assist with research needs, and teach computer classes on how to use the library's electronic databases. Although the internet is good, librarians have been, and continue to be, the best research tool. They are specially trained, can help you meet your information needs, and, they are available to everybody! The public computing area remains very popular. The IT staff, although not always visible, maintain the library's network and keep the public computers, printers and scanners in good working order. The computer aides assist with technology questions, software programs or printing and scanning.

And, 'behind the scenes' the technical services staff order, catalog and process everything that the Library offers. Like how clean and safe the library is? The facilities personnel maintain the library's physical plant, its parking areas and grounds. They also set up chairs and equipment in the public meeting rooms (200+ times a month). Enjoy the newsletter, the website and other communications from the library? The communications department works to increase awareness and promote the use of services, facilities and resources, the channels for feedback and patron satisfaction. The business office and administrative staff handle the business processes, reservations for the community or multipurpose room and work with the Village personnel on matters that pertain to the library. They do all of this while staying within the tight, fiscally responsible budget developed by the library board and administrative staff. They are excellent stewards of public monies.

The Library Board would like to thank the Village Board of Trustees for their support of the library and resource sharing that create economies of scale. In addition, many business partners make many in-kind donations. The Friends of the Glenview Public Library are an invaluable asset and you may have bumped into one of their volunteers in the library's used book store.

At a time when change is happening so fast that we are preparing our youth for jobs that do not even exist today and 64% of them state that they learn best outside of the classroom, we need more environments where scientists and engineers can grow and talent, skills and creativity can flourish. That happening place is the Glenview Public Library! ~ Stella Kalfas

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