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Vickie L. Novak

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A Quarterly Message
From Library Director
Vickie L. Novak

As the Library shapes its path for the future, with the development of a new multi-year Strategic Plan in 2018, the groundwork is being laid in the months that precede the formal process. In 2016, the Glenview Public Library Staff and Administration performed an Internal Assessment. This exercise looked at current operational procedures, programs, personnel, and services with a focus on cost analysis and the effective allocation of resources. Independent thinking was encouraged for the continuous improvement of the services delivered by the Library to its residents. Innovation in new ideas and enhancements to existing programs and procedures were evaluated, with an eye toward fiscal responsibility and long-term sustainability. The Internal Assessment was Phase #1 of a three-phase process.

Phase #2 will consist of an External Assessment, performed by an outside consultant. The Library Board has engaged the services of John Huber, of J. Huber and Associates. Huber is a nationally known and highly respected expert in the area of Lean Management, in both the corporate and notfor- profit sectors. His goal is to help people and their organizations reach their full performance potential so that they can fulfill their personal and organizational purpose. This may also involve reducing costs while improving customer services. He will evaluate and assess the Glenview Library’s overall performance in the delivery of information to the public. As part of this process, Huber will take an in-depth look at some of the most critical of the Library’s Service Delivery Chains—those that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction—getting the material or the information in the patron’s hands as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the Library participated in the Illinois State Library’s Edge Assessment in 2016. This is a statewide initiative designed to help public libraries make informed decisions as they set a path for improvement of their technology resources. The Glenview Library is pleased to report that it scored well in the initial phase of this process. To assist Staff in planning long-range technology goals, residents will be asked to complete a Technology Survey in the months ahead, letting us know where your priorities are in terms of new technologies and electronic resources. Patron feedback will be an integral part of the planning process.

The Glenview Public Library is taking a proactive position by engaging in this innovative and introspective process, and we eagerly embrace these next steps. Ultimately, analysis of the results from Phase #1 and Phase #2 will serve as the building blocks in the development of Phase #3, the Library’s next Strategic Plan in 2018. We hope that you will be a part of it!

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