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2016 Board Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, the Glenview Public Library Board of Trustees meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM in the Library's Conference Room. The public is welcome.

Monday, January 11
Legislative Committee, 6:30 PM

Tuesday, January 12
Strategic Planning Committee, 10 AM

Thursday, January 21

Wednesday, February 10
Strategic Planning Committee, 10 AM

Thursday, February 18

Thursday, March 8
Strategic Planning Committee, 2 PM

Thursday, March 8
Sponsorship Committee, 3 PM

Thursday, March 17

Thursday, April 21

Thursday, May 12
Strategic Planning Committee, 2 PM

Thursday, May 19

Thursday, June 16

Thursday, July 21

Thursday, August 18

Thursday, September 15

Thursday, October 20

Thursday, November 17

Thursday, December 15

Please contact the Business Office at 847-729-7500 for questions regarding Library Board of Trustees Meetings and to check for any schedule changes.

2016 Board Meeting Agenda, Minutes & Notices

Please note: Monthly Board minutes will be posted after Board approval.

January 11 Legislative Agenda (PDF)

January 12 Strategic Planning Agenda (PDF)

January 19 Strategic Planning Agenda (PDF)

January 21 Agenda (PDF)

January 21 Minutes (PDF)

February 10 Strategic Planning Agenda (PDF)

February 18 Agenda (PDF)

February 18 Minutes (PDF)

March 8 Strategic Planning Agenda (PDF)

March 8 Sponsorship Agenda (PDF)

March 17 Agenda (PDF)

March 17 Minutes (PDF)

April 21 Agenda (PDF)

April 21 Minutes (PDF)

May 12 Strategic Planning Agenda (PDF)

May 19 Agenda (PDF)

June 16 Agenda (PDF)

June 22 Strategic Planning Agenda (PDF)